Dear Client!


The permanent change of the economy- laws, professional knowledges, quality requirements- in EU will raise the competition for companies. The services of the Precíz Ltd. render professional help to obtain and to support competitiveness.

Our company has benn operating since 1990. Our aim is to reach correct long lasting partnership.

Our services:

  • fire protection
  • labuor protection
  • enviroment protection
  • machine examination
  • expert activity
  • examination and revision of playground devices
  • organize courses for fire protection examination

Since 2006 our company has benn tested, examinated the safety suitability of playground devices by the currently valid series of standards.

The company has had ISO 9001:2001 quality management system since 1998.

The excellent level of our services is garanteed by admitted experts

For further information please contact us at  +36/62/ 451-960, or +36/62 547-961 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.